i watch friends re-runs more than you drink coffee, but don’t underestimate my love for a good cafe con leche. i’m from miami—land of guava pastelitos & croquetas—after all! i will never, under any circumstances, start the day without breakfast. whether i’m waking up at 3am to catch a flight or at noon recovering from a netflix binge, breakfast comes first.

i’m a fierce believer in kindness & intentionality. i’m a deep, deep feeler & hear that’s typically true of most introverts. i love the Jesus i read about in the bible… the one who is both kind & revolutionary, honest & true. i really love people & believe there is beauty in everyone’s story. if there’s breath in your lungs, there is purpose in your veins. life is hard but oh so beautiful. find people who feel like sunshine & stick wit ‘em!

i am a calligrapher, designer, la croix-drinker & am over the freakin’ moon that God would call me to such a fun, rad job as this. i’ve always loved words; be it a poem, a spoken word, a quote or a song lyric, i feel them so deeply. words resonate, they impact. so when it comes to creating beautiful words tailor-made just for you, I’M HERE FOR IT!

let’s do the damn thing.


(oh yeah… i’m also a hugger!)