hi i'm jess2.png

i am so thrilled that you're here! whether you've come to read a blog post, you're in need of some lettering services or you just want to hang, i hope you'll stay awhile.

most days, you can find me deep in thought about the important things in life like why aren't avocados cheaper? if God sneezed, what would you say? also, frogs--toads, i'm looking at you too--why do they exist? unnecessary. i told you: deep stuff!

on a more serious note, the first thing i want people to know about me is how madly in love i am with Jesus. i think he is THE coolest + i want to be just like him when i grow up! i really love people and believe there is beauty in everyone's story. if there's breath in your lungs, there is purpose in your veins. life is hard, but it's oh so beautiful. find people who feel like sunshine + stick with them.

i am a calligrapher, designer, la croix-drinker + i feel so very blessed that God would call me to such a fun, rad job as this. i've always loved words; be it a poem, a spoken word, a quote or a song lyric, i feel them so deeply. words resonate, they impact. + i can't even begin to express to you how absolutely STOKED, humbled, + honored i feel to be trusted with creating beautiful words tailor-made for you!


jessica catalano calligrapher and hand letterer