galentines calligraphy workshop

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i'm struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that it's been over two months since i hosted my first calligraphy workshop ever--what in the actual heck!? i know this blogpost is way overdue, but i decided to switch platforms for seo purposes & had to put blogging on hold while i made the switch. factor in loads of traveling and a laptop going in and out on me &, well... here we are all these weeks later.

let's jump right in & talk all things workshops!

it was my first one & i genuinely had tons of fun--from planning & prepping, to hosting & teaching, to meeting & loving a group of super sweet gals. if you attended, THANK YOU. if you're a calligrapher friend who helped walk me through the process, you rock. if you're a friend who helped with any of the millions of details that went into the workshop--i freakin' love you.

given the fact that i had never before taught calligraphy nor had i taken a calligraphy workshop myself, my game plan going into it was to make sure that i provided an enjoyable enough experience that even if my teaching absolutely sucked, everyone still had the time of their lives (cue spotify's THIS IS: LANY playlist, wine, an equally beautiful & tasty charcuterie spread, sweet treats, a GORGEOUS workspace, blooms & personalized gifts).

hand lettering workshop salvaging eden


  • it's really hard to figure out how to teach something that you taught yourself. sit down. game plan. grab someone who knows nothing about calligraphy and walk them through the lesson you've put together. it will help you work out the kinks--it wasn't until i was in the middle of the lesson that i realized, "oh. i should have had this in the beginning. or i should have explained this another way, etc".

  • learn as you go. it's okay to not have everything figured out. you're not expected to. just be kind, be upfront & be transparent. we all start somewhere. but also remember: you're the professional here. people signed up for your class because they want to learn your expertise from YOU. & that's pretty dang cool.

  • step outside of your comfort zone. you've heard it, i've heard it, but i'm going to quote it anyways: "a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there". believe you me--hosting a workshop was WAY outside of my comfort zone. i'm not a teacher, i get nervous in front of larger groups of people & i hate having the spotlight on me. but i did it & and i gained an incredible amount of confidence from it.

  • SUPPLIES ARE EXPENSIVE! plan out the cost of your supplies beforehand, because i largely underestimated how much i would be spending on supplies for each student. factor in all of the costs that are going into the event: snacks, drinks, supplies, renting a space, personalized gifts, your TIME & your expertise, etc. then charge accordingly.

  • have FUN! my favorite part was meeting, hugging & hanging with some seriously sweet souls. ugh. humans. i just love me some humans.




that's all for now! enjoy these photos from my amazingly talented photographer friend, jessica vilchez

as always, thanks for reading, thanks for listening, thanks for watching. 

all my love,