salvage eden

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when people ask me how i thought of my business name, i usually give them a blank stare while trying to figure out how to explain that i, in fact, had nothing to do with choosing the words salvaging eden in an elevator-pitch-sized sentence.


i actually tried hard, embarrassingly hard, to come up with a name, but i failed miserably. so here’s my elevator pitch: God gave me salvaging eden. he whispered it—to my soul more so than in my ear—but he whispered it nonetheless & i remember it distinctly. i remember it because moments when you hear his voice as clearly as i did then are such a gift that our hearts can’t afford to forget.


if we’ve arrived at your floor & you need to get off the elevator, by all means. i’ll catch ya later! otherwise, read on—i would love to share that moment with you. after all, this is a blogpost & you know i like to ramble.


rewind to four-ish years ago when i was largely unskilled in the art of calligraphy & had absolutely no intention of pursuing it as a full-time anything. let’s be honest: i probably just needed a name for my etsy shop. either way, the first stop for me in my business, & likely most entrepreneurs, was figuring out a business name. having a business name gives you street cred of sorts. as if somehow knowing the name of your business means you have your ish together, even if the extent of that ish is just a name that won’t even be officially registered for years to come.


regardless, i needed a business name & i needed one stat so i did what any girl would do & recruited one of my best friends & biggest fans, tanya. she came over & we pulled out our phones ready to brainstorm the day away. we must have sat on my bed for hours jotting down any & every word that came into our heads: thirty, flirty, & thriving. (okay, maybe none of those actually made the list, but if you don’t get that movie reference… do you even chick flick?) once we had compiled our list of i-don’t-even-know-how-many-words, we went over it trying to come up with a business name. we came up with a few things that i liked but nothing that i loved.


if there was one thing i knew, it was that i wanted to love my business name. i also really wanted to somehow find a way to encompass my faith in it without being cheesy, because, well, i’m allergic to cheesy christians (kinda kidding, kinda not). by the end of the night, i was both frustrated and slightly annoyed at the fact that we had come up dry after dedicating an entire day to getting this business name squared away. i was getting ready for bed that night when i asked God to give me a name that i loved. there was no folded hands or “in Jesus’ name”, just a conversational invitation to let God in on the process.


friends, i kid you the heck not when i tell you that as soon as my head hit the pillow & i closed my eyes, salvaging eden popped into my head. & when it did… i knew.


i googled the word salvage. to restore. eden. the birthplace of work as God intended it.


see, God created both man & work.


when i think about work & the jobs that i’ve held, i think: dread, i’d rather nap, people suck at tipping, eye roll, customer service is only fun when you’re the customer receiving the service, etc etc. what i don’t think is: fulfillment, purpose, joy, creativity. YET, those are the very things God intended for work to be. 


i remember pulling out the notes app on my phone & typing away all of these beautiful things God was speaking to me in that moment. see, salvaging eden is more than a business pursuit or a creative outlet. salvaging eden is a promise. it’s a reminder that i wasn’t put on this earth to be miserable at a job. to work a 9 to 5 i can’t stand. to be in a hostile working environment that sucks the life out of me. no, i was put on this earth for such a time as this, for a purpose far beyond my own comprehension.


while work is always going to require dedication & hustle & grit, it should also be filled with purpose & enjoyment & beauty. life is too short. you have something inside of you that this world needs. it’s unique & special & something only you can offer. don’t waste your days living to work. instead, spend your days at the intersection of the world’s deepest need & your greatest passion.


live your life restoring the work/life harmony we lost at the garden.


salvage eden.


love you forever.